What's Coming Next?

Looking for a religious home where your questions are as important as the answers you seek? Or a place where your heart and your mind are welcomed on equal footing? A place where what matters is what you love, and what makes you come alive with joy? At the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greeley we're part of a free faith tradtion of seekers and skeptics alike who proclaim that LOVE IS THE SPIRIT OF THIS CHURCH each and every week.


If you're just here to check us out, or if you missed services this week, and want to catch up, jump on over to the Sermon Podcasts page, and click play to hear our most recent messages. You can read the minister's column from our monthly newsletter right here, and learn more about our monthly themes. 


And, as always, the best place to find out about what's going on at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greeley is to come on Sunday morning at 10am and join us for worship. Here's what's coming up this week-


Sunday April 27th

Service 10:00am

The Carver by Jon Erickson
In this fellowship, we have a great commitment to service, to dwell together in peace, to love and help each other. As we work toward these goals, we also realize that making our world a better place; of caring for its beauty, to fill it with trees and clean its air and see that its water is sweet, is part of what we do for each other and our children and grandchildren. Our special insights into each other are also expressed in our commitment to the creation; the beauty of a friend or a stranger is the same beauty we see in a tree or bird, a cloud or a mountain. On Sunday, April 27th, Earth Day celebration, come enjoy some songs and a story about the creation.

Youth RE and A Chosen Faith will be meeting after service

Budget Hearing

Sunday, April 27th at 11 o'clock in the Meeting Room.
The 2014-15 budget will be presented and questions will be addressed. If you miss this Meeting you can call Kathy Vaughn with questions. 371-1522

Klezmer Concert as part of the Holocaust Memorial Observance
Sunday April 27 at 1:30
At the Church
Music will be provided by MIKE GERSTEN of Chicago. A clarinetist by profession, Gersten specializes in klezmer, a traditional form of Jewish folk music heard across Central and Eastern Europe prior to 1945. Gersten, a doctoral student in music at UNC, will speak to the audience about the music his group will perform. As he will explain, the Nazis attempted to destroy not only the musicians who performed this music, but the music itself. Less than a handful of klezmer musicians survived the war. Those who did worked with relatives already in the US to keep the music alive. Selections will include both popular and lesser-known standards of klezmer literature.

Cakes for the Queen of Heaven  

Will be meeting in meeting room at 3pm 



In Faith,


Our Covenant

Love is the spirit of this church and service its law.

This is our great covenant: 

To dwell together in peace,

to seek the truth in love,

and to help one another.

Chalice logo adapted from a stained glass panel by Judith Meyers, member of the church.

We gather together in love and fellowship to worship and foster spiritual growth, to serve humanity, and to understand ourselves and our universe.

We are always happy to meet new people - all are welcome!